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The first search engine to choose which series to watch.

How many times have you asked yourself "What are the TV series to watch?"
Or "What are the best TV series?". And you have turned a bit 'random between industry forums, blogs and Facebook pages and you found a slew of tips that maybe ranged from Zombies to spies through knights, pirates and crystals methamphetamine?

This site simply wants to obviate this question and offer you all the information to choose the series to watch. On the search engine page, find a series of fields that, when properly filled out, will return as a result the list of TV series that best suits your tastes.

  • If you already have an idea of ​​the name of a series you can directly fill in the name field and read the features, the plot is basically reported by Wikipedia or Imdb, while for the judgment of the critics and the public we have relied on Rotten Tomatoes. In this moment there are 1165 series in database.
  • You can choose a series based on gender or depending on the setting period. (Clearly all these choices that we list here can be combined with each other for example "I want to see a series of dramatic genre, set in New York in the sixties")
  • You can choose a series based on the place of setting, with a small specification: it was considered appropriate to add to the macro-areas, some cities (Paris and London in Europe; New York, Los Angeles, Boston etc. in the United States) clearly researching for example, France also sees the series set in Paris. As well as in the United States you can search generically for the country, but also for a single State of setting
  • You can add to your selection a filter on the manufacturer's series status.
  • You can choose in which company to board: how many seasons and how many episodes is this series long? Thanks to the arrows you can filter for greater, less or equal the number you are going to insert.
  • You can filter by the quality of the series, relying on the judgment of the critics or the public on Rotten Tomatoes. Beware that not all series are evaluated!
  • You can rely on the tags that have been added to the series. You will find them divided into three groups:
    • A first group of tags categorizes the series based on the main role of the protagonists
    • A second group of tags categorizes the series based on certain actions or themes that are touched by the protagonists
    • A third and smaller group instead intercepts those tags not based on elements of truthfulness.
  • Finally you can filter your series for a particular producer (eg J. J. Abrams), a particular actor (eg Zooey Deschanel), or a particular character (eg Sherlock Holmes). In this case it is sufficient to enter the name. In database there are in this moment 4483 actors and 6594 characters.

Series are ordere on Rotten Tomatoes audience value. Clicking on serie's title you'll obtaing all details.

Good fun!