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Being Erica

Being Erica

Erica Strange, the protagonist, is a thirty-two of Toronto (Canada) that in a moment of depression, caused by many regrets about wrong choices in life, was admitted to hospital for an anaphylactic shock; awakened the looks a physician, Dr. Tom, who will be proposed as the therapist to solve his psychological problems. This meeting to revolutionize life as Dr. Tom is a very \"special therapist\": Erica agrees to submit to treatment, discovering immediately that Dr. Tom has the ability to send her back in time, back to relive the moments in which you think not to have made the right decisions and have the right attitude in order to draw from this the life lessons that will improve his current existence.

  • Genere: Being Erica
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Inizio: 2009

Fine: 2011

Stagioni: 4
Episodi: 49

Durata: 41´

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