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Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva

Deb Dobkins is a young and beautiful girl, though a bit \'surface. It is an aspiring model, and dreams to get married with her boyfriend Grayson, a brilliant lawyer. Unfortunately, he remains involved in a car accident and dies. Arrived at the gates of Paradise, is blocked by Fred, a zealous guardian angel of the place, you can not let her in because during his life Deb has never done any good or evil action, being only one person neither good nor evil, but only surface. Annoyed by something, then he asks Deb to be able to return to Earth, but due to a mix up does not return to his body, and instead reincarnated in that of another recently deceased girl Jane Bingum, intelligent and generous lawyer, although awkward and decidedly overweight.

  • Genere: Drop Dead Diva
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: Josh Berman
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2009

Fine: 2014

Stagioni: 6
Episodi: 78

Durata: 45´

Prima TV:

Prima TV ITA:

Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 0

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 56