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The evening before his second marriage with Andy Kelly, childhood friend, Becca Brady, doubting, call the one person who would want at his side: Lolly Lavigne, her best friend with whom he does not speak for years. After fainting in the elevator, Becca wakes up in his bed. Everything appears to normal, seeing that the wedding preparations are underway. But soon he realizes that there are many things to be different, starting with the groom\'s Sean Reeves, her first husband, to get a year is 1995. Becca then realizes that she was given a second chance and that is went back in time to change his past.

  • Genere: Hindsight
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: Emily Fox, John A. Norris, Alexander A. Motlagh, Maggie Malina
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2015

Fine: 2015

Stagioni: 1
Episodi: 10

Durata: 44´

Prima TV:

Prima TV ITA:

Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 100

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 95