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Melissa and Joey

Melissa and Joey

Mel is a local politician with a federal senator father, a cocktail mother, and a bad-girlfriend past, who is committed to redeeming service in his city. When a family scandal leaves his nephew Lennox and nephew Ryder without their parents, Mel takes care of it. By meeting difficulties in managing a family at once and at the same time in their careers, Joey assumes that he is a male baby-sitter of the family. Joey Longo is a financial manager who lost his job in the scandal that sent Mel\'s sister to jail. Arrived with a Porsche Carrera and the desire to get back into the career after the ugly adventure, it immediately demonstrates talent and passion for the kids and home. Both the original and the Italian dubbing often play on the manned (man + nanny, daddy) terms with linguistic and neologisms.

  • Genere: Melissa and Joey
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: David Kendall, Bob Young, Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence, Paula Hart
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2010

Fine: 2015

Stagioni: 4
Episodi: 104

Durata: 22´

Prima TV:

Prima TV ITA:

Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 0

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 75