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Mr robot

Mr robot

Elliot Alderson is a young computer technician in New York who works as a computer security expert at Allsafe. Sociophobic, depressed, and morphine-dependent, Elliot\'s mind is heavily influenced by paranoid delusions and hallucinations that cause him major problems in dealing with people and make him live in a constant state of anxiety and paranoia. In Private Life Elliot is a computer stalker that treats people as computers to hack into discovering the most intimate secrets and often acts as a kind of computer giant.
Elliot is approached by Mr. Robot, a mysterious anarchist-insurrectionist, intending to introduce him into a group of hacktivists known as fsociety. The fosciety manifesto is to free humanity from debts with the banks and to expose the corrupters who are destroying the world. To convince the young man to join the cause, Mr. Robot says he wants to cause the failure of the E Corp multinational, responsible for an environmental disaster that has killed Elliot\'s father and other hundreds of people. E Corp, subsequently identified as \"Evil Corp\" (prominent multinational), is the main customer of Allsafe and for whom Elliot will be appointed IT security supervisor.

  • Genere: Mr robot
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: Sam Esmail, Steve Golin, Chad Hamilton
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2015

Fine: on going

Stagioni: 3
Episodi: 32

Durata: 52´

Prima TV:

Prima TV ITA:

Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 96

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 92