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The OA

The OA

The series focuses on Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who emerges after disappearing for seven years. Upon his return, Johnson calls himself \"The OA\", shows scars on his back and can see despite having been blind when he disappeared. The OA refuses to tell the FBI and her adoptive parents where she was and how her vision returned, and instead quickly assembles a team of five local boys (mostly high school students) to whom she reveals this information, also explaining the story of his life. Finally he asks for their help to save other missing persons who he claims to be able to save by opening a portal to another dimension.

  • Genere: The OA
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: Brit Marling, Zal Batmanglij, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Michael Sugar, Sarah Esberg
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2016

Fine: on going

Stagioni: 1
Episodi: 8

Durata: 45´

Prima TV:

Prima TV ITA:

Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 76

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 74