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Tomorrow: When the War Began

Tomorrow: When the War Began

Ellie goes camping with her friends Corrie, Fiona, Robyn, Lee, Homer and Kevin to spend the holidays. The destination is a forest called Hell (\"Hell\") because, despite being a beautiful place, no one visits it because of old legends. The boys have fun and talk about future projects and aspirations. One night, however, Ellie hears noises coming from above: they are airplanes without lights that fly at low altitude. The next day the boys discuss the incident, taking it lightly or at least without suspicion.

After five days in the mountains, the seven friends return to Ellie\'s home. Everything is deserted: his family has disappeared and the animals are in very serious condition. Something serious happened, but nobody can figure out what. Without losing heart go to Homer\'s home to see if the situation is the same and with great regret they notice that there is no one there: there is no power and the phone does not work. After checking Corrie\'s home and reading the fax that his father sent, they realize that a war has begun and that their relatives, friends and all the inhabitants of Wirrawee have been captured and are under invaders\' dominion. foreigners. Ellie and her friends begin to study every move to attack and return to their old lives.

  • Genere: Tomorrow: When the War Began
  • Periodo:
  • Luogo:
  • Produttore: ABC
  • Stato produttore:

Inizio: 2016

Fine: 2016

Stagioni: 1
Episodi: 6

Durata: 45´

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