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A team of undercover operatives from the future are sent back in time to avoid the end of the world. The agents, called travelers (Travelers in English), enter the body of individuals of the XXI century some moments before the time of death through the T.E.L.L. (Latitude Longitude Elevation Time) that is the data of the space-time position of the host body at his death. The process is called \"transfer of consciousness\" and can not be used to send travelers in a past before the 21st century. For example, travelers could not avoid World War II because the technology available in the 1940s was not sufficient to determine T.E.L.L. and to allow travelers to take possession of the host\'s body. In fact, the precise moment and place of death of the individual candidate to host the traveler is known thanks to smartphones, computers, GPS devices, cameras, social media and other digital instruments present in the 21st century. The same devices provide the adequate knowledge about the life of the host individuals needed by travelers to continue their lives once they have taken their place. In fact, travelers must continue to live the lives of their guests to avoid attracting attention while they perform missions designed to save the world from terrible catastrophic events.

  • Genere: Travelers
  • Periodo:
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  • Produttore: Eric McCormack, Jim O\'Grady
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Inizio: 2016

Fine: on going

Stagioni: 2
Episodi: 24

Durata: 45´

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Rotten Tomatoes Critica: 0

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 96