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A new academic year begins at the twenty-third anniversary of Trinity College, but this time, unlike previous years, even less privileged students are admitted to study courses. Among these is Charlotte Arc, whose father Richard, a former school professor, was found dead two weeks earlier in mysterious circumstances. Convinced that his death is linked to college, Charlotte decides to bring out the truth, discovering in a short time that at Trinity not everything is as it seems: behind the luxury, in fact, there is a hidden world governed by rigid codes of conduct and secret societies, among which the most influential is the Dandelion Club, which gathers the richest students and is directed by Dorian Gaudain, son of Lord Ravensby. In addition to Charlotte, among the new students arrived at the college there are Theo Mackenzie, a boy of modest origins compared to the standards of Trinity, the flamboyant lover of the poem Maddy Talbot, the cold and icy cousin of Dorian, Rosalind Gaudain, and Angus and Raj . When the rower of the collage team, Ross Bonham, is found dead, a series of mysterious events begins to occur.

  • Genere: Trinity
  • Periodo:
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  • Produttore: Kieron Quirke, Robin French
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Inizio: 2009

Fine: 2009

Stagioni: 1
Episodi: 8

Durata: 45´

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